Blackheath recommendation – Richard (carpenter / handyman / electrics) #SE3

I needed some lightbulbs changed in fiddly and inaccessible places in my flat (high ceilings, fear of ladders) and so asked my lightbulb-seller if he could recommend someone. He did and Richard has done a fabulous job of restoring light to the darker bits of my home. I asked him if he had a website where I could leave feedback and say nice things about him but he doesn’t, so I’ll say it here.

Richard got the first bulb done in moments and while up the ladder asked if I had a cloth so he could give it a bit of a dust, then he found out what was wrong with a more complicated light fitting in my kitchen – the 3 amp fuse had gone, fortunately (amazingly!) I had spares. He pottered around the house fixing things that hadn’t worked properly (it turned out that one of my fittings is officially broken so that’s why it hadn’t been working well) and was helpful and amiable.

He even fixed my shower rail which had collapsed (don’t hang wet t-shirts to dry from them folks) and it all came to £40. Seconds later he emailed me my invoice / receipt 🙂

Richard’s number’s 07989 962 483 and I’d happily have him back to fix things in my Blackheath home. Very happy for him to use this as a recommendation on his own site if he creates one too.

Jo Brodie