Lewisham’s Bus Stop A is out of action until November

Note that the 380 bus will be on diversion from 7 September until after the OnBlackheath event has finished – it won’t go through Hare and Billet road.

A tantalus is a wooden cabinet that displays your alcoholic beverages but is locked in such a cunning way that without the key your servants and children can’t quaff any, according to the Wikipedia article. Something similar is going on at Bus Stop A in Lewisham which is now veiled behind a ‘site entrance’ (see pic below) and is inaccessible. This is thanks to the interminable crossrail roadworks resulting in inconsistent travel routes, from week to week, and reminds me of the stairs at Hogwarts which move around when they feel like it.

Even with a wire cutter Bus Stop A will not bring me any buses.

There is no visible information here to tell me where I can get the bus I want. The closest bus stops offer me buses that are going in the wrong direction, and there’s no information there either. I was a bit miffed.

  1. I know Lewisham well and know where the Blackheath-bound 380 buses stop. Clocktower (bus stop P), then Bus Stop A (when it’s in use) then up Lewisham Hill which is hail-and-ride.
  2. I’m fit enough to walk to either of those two stops
  3. I feel pretty safe in Lewisham though I feel a lot safer at a bus stop surrounded by taxis and rail passengers than I do exposed in the middle of the shopping centre surrounded by closed shops and random strangers. There’s hardly anyone on Lewisham Hill at night so I’d pick that one before the ‘city centre’.

I’m not sure what you’d do if you don’t know the area very well or aren’t very mobile – get a taxi I suppose if you can afford it. It’s pretty poor of TfL not to have a map or some info – at the bus stop I mean, who cares if there’s information on a website – on the options available.

Paul (@bitoclass) is my go-to-guy on Lewisham’s changing transport infrastructure and he tells me that Bus Stop A is now out of action until November.

My solution was to speak with the driver of the 380 bus that terminated at Lewisham station (just a few feet back along the route I’d taken from Platform 1 at the railway station). He very kindly let me get on and take the bus around to the standing point (behind the shopping centre) – we had a very nice chat about our favourite bus routes and the changes in Lewisham and how confusing it all seemed – before he began his new journey which included dropping me off in Blackheath.